EC Halfpipe 2010 Rotterdam 
Pressetext EC-HALFPIPE Rotterdam auf Englisch:

The Rotterdam based outdoor skatepark Westblaak will host a stop for the European Championship Halfpipe skating on July the 10th.
The competition made a impressive impact in 2009 that the tour visits Holland again.

The Westblaak Skatepark in Rotterdam celebrates the 10-year anniversary in 2010.
The European Championship in 2009 is on of the biggest successes in the history of the Skatepark, and therefore the 10th of july wil be a celebration of rollerblading. Skaters from Germany, Bulgaria, France, The UK, Spain and of course the Netherlands will compete at the competition.
The first stop of the tour was held in Strasbourg, the results:
1st place Antony Avella
2nd place Kevin Quintin
3rd place Cesar Andrade
These professional Halfpipe skaters will also compete in Rotterdam on the 10th of July. Do not miss this event if you are passionate about rollerblading, extreme sports or competing in the Halfpipe.

Rotterdam will host a stop for the European Championship Halfpipe skating in 2010 on July 10th In 2009 the final stop for the European Championship was held in Rotterdam, after a sizzling competition Spanish skater Jose Pepe skated the best of all Europeans. He deserved the first place and untill July 10th of this year. The tour expanded this year with stops in France, Bulgaria, Spain and the finals in Berlin Germany. The organisation is very happy with the positive feedback from the Rotterdam council and planned a stop in Rotterdam for this year again. This year the stop in Rotterdam will be a "Premium Event”. This means that the points the skaters earn for their performance will double in the overall ranking. Rotterdam will be a very important stop for the skaters to compete and skate at their best. The skatepark in Rotterdam celebrates the 10 year anniversary in 2010 as well, together with the European Championship stop in July this will be the most memorable birthday of the Rotterdam based skatepark. We will celebrate this with the best Halfpipe skaters from Europe.
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