RollTogether Session No. 9 in Aurich
RollTogether Session No. 9 in Aurich
Am 11. April 2009 ist es wieder so weit: Der Playground-Skatepark in Aurich öffnet seine Pforten für ein exquisites Rollerblading Only Event!

Die Jungs von RollTogether haben da wieder eine schöne Session für euch vorbereitet und die neunte verspricht mindestens so gut zu werden wie die anderen zuvor! Zusätzlich zur traditionell sehr gediegenen Session gibt es u. A. die europäische Videopremiere der Videos Jack be Nimble & ONE einiges an Stuff und Preisen sowie endlich die mehrfach verschobene Verlosung der SAG Charityverlosung für eine neue transportable Vertramp "Donate 4 Skate"

Zitat: RollTogether:

We are more than proud to announce the 9th round of the rollTogether-series. This time rollTogether is taking another step and is responding to the demand of rollerbladers outside of the West-Germany/Netherlands/Belgium-area. In the past months a lot of people asked us if we could bring some sessions to more places in Germany, Switzerland etc. So here we are! Our 9th session will take place in germany’s biggest and probably best skatepark “Playground” in Aurich at April 11th. Once again rollTogether rented the park - so we will have a ROLLERBLADING-ONLY Session. If you wanna roll with hundreds of other like-minded people in one of the nicest skateparks that germany (or even europe) has to offer, make your way to Aurich. With the strong help of our sponsors, with all the prizes they donate, with a great team of helpers and friends, with our filmer and our photographer we are going to realize the best and most chilled session - you ever had. That’s for sure.

Above that rollTogether is happy to host the official europe-premiere of Jack Be Nimble and “ONE-Video” at the night (after the session). Thanks to Andrew Kazlauskas and Be-Mag for hitting us up with the premiere copies.

In the next days we will give you a short introduction to “Jack Be Nimble” which will hit stores in germany in the next weeks. One thing you should know is the fact that this much anticipated rollerblading-film recently won best documentary feature at Illinois International Film Festival - so it’s seems to be a must-have for every rollerblader.

Besides that the guys (Frank Romeike, Ingo Steinke) behind the SAG will be in Aurich to announce the winner of their big raffle for a new and moveable vert ramp. You still have the chance (until April 11th) to participate and win some brandnew skates and different other stuff.

We all can’t wait for the next session and we are pretty sure that rollTogether will reach another level in Aurich. Be part of the movement. We welcome every single rollerblader out there - no matter if you are beginner, amateur, professional, old-schooler or people that never skated before but wan’t get into it. Experience a strong community of rollerbladers. See you in Aurich!


Please note that people under the age of 18 need to wear a helmet in the park. People over 18 have the chance to sign a waiver at the park - so they don’t have to wear a helmet. We - as the organizer - can only recommend you to wear a helmet.

If you need directions, please check our google map-marking point here:
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