Dresden 2006 Info - Zeitplan - Unterbringung 
800 Years Dresden meets German Mastership Inline Halfpipe! From the 18th to the 19 october 2006, Skate Association Germany will place its third qualifier directly in fron of the famous Frauenkirche in the center of Dresden.
Spectators and riders as well will be able to enjoy vertskating in front of a historical scenery! The location is fantastic and we all are looking forward to a great event and a lot of fun and actionsports.

Friday 18. 08.06:
from 10.00 am - 10 pm: Practice / Session
Saturday 18. 08.06:
from 10.00 am Practice
1.00 pm contest amateurs
4.00 pm qualifier German Masterships Halfpipe
Sunday 19. 08.06: from 10.00 am - 4.00 pm Chill Out Session
Free accomodation is available in a gymnasium in about 5 minutes distance by feet from the Ramp. Shower available. Please bring your own sleeping bags and camping mats.
Those who need something more luxury may find some cheap acco here:
In the ProContest there will be price-money for the first 5 places.
Gradation: 200 Euro, 150 Euro, 100 Euro, 50 Euro, 50 Euro and stuff from http://www.grindhouse.de und http://www.ignitionshop.com for the others.
The amateurs will get stuff from http://www.grindhouse.de and http://www.ignitionshop.com.

You may check our Dresden-Posting in the SAG forum / board at: http://www.xsk8.de/sag/board/cgi-bin/Blah/Blah.pl?b=termine,m=1155035516 to get in contact with other riders or just to stay updated.
If you need any help regarding the Dresden-Tourstop, feel free to contact us - we'll try to help out if possible.
Please register at www.S-A-G.org !!!

Dresden Tourstop in front of a great scenery! Cheap accomodation in Dresden check here!
Aerial photograph Dresden Frauenkirche - Kulturpalast German Masterships Inline Halfpipe 2006 

And please keep in mind the last vertical date for 2006 BERLIN again: the finals of the German Masterships Halfpipe will also take place in BERLIN at the YOU MESSE like last year! Be there the 27. - 29. Oktober 2006 for the Finals and the 'SAG Eurpean Challenge 2006'

Rubrik: Informationen zur Deutschen Meisterschaft Inline Halfpipe 2006
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