European Halfpipe Contest Montana Bulgaria 2009 
Cesar Andrade: Backflip 180 over the Channel

Cesar Andrade doing Backflip 180 over the channel at the Montana vertramp in Bulgaria.

Here are the results of the Bulgarian tourstop:

PROFESSIONAL Inline Halfpipe Competition :

1st Marco De Santi, Brazil
2nd Cesar Andrade, Brazil
3rd Rich Parker, England
4th Leonid Kamburov, Russia
5th Stefan Vasilev, Bulgaria
6th Veselin Zahariev, Bulgaria
7th Pavel Mitrenga, Bulgaria
8th Kiril Trayanov, Bulgaria
9th Kevin Quintin, France
10th Jan Mertens, Germany
11th Johannes Zenk, Germany
12th Nikolai Naidenov, Bulgaria
13th Anthony Avella, France
14th David Gioannoni, San Marino

Amateur Inline Halfpipe Competition :

1st Vesselin Zahariev, Bulgaria
2nd Stefan Vasilev, Bulgaria
3rd Johannes Zenk, Germany
4th Peter Damianov, Bulgaria
5th Pavlin Borisov, Bulgaria
6th Antonio Nikolov , Bulgaria
7th Boris Grozev, Bulgaria
8th Dimitar Pedev, Bulgaria
9th Eufrasio Cabrera, Bulgaria
10th Assia Zaharieva, Germany/Bulgaria
11th Martin Simonski, Bulgaria
12th Ingo Steinke, Germany

UNDER 16 years Inline Halfpipe Competition:

1st Stefan Tsvetanov, 12years
2nd Yuli Kristoford, 8years
3rd Georgi Tsvetanov, 10years
4th Todor Todorov. 11years
5th Svetoslav Alexandrov, 8 years old
6th Atanas Tsvetanov, 10years
7th Mario Metodiev, 8 years
8th Martin Ivailov, 8years
9th Plamen Rosenov, 11 years
10th Denis Jordanov, 12years
10th Vesselin Venelinov, 9years
10th Brian Plamenov, 12years

BEST TRICK: Leonid Kamburov, Russia
HIGHEST AIR: Alex Eastwood, England

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