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Highrollaz DVD Review by Jo Zenk
Two years ago, the very first Highrollaz trailer popped out of nowhere and there was nothing I wanted more than watching this DVD. Now it’s finally out and we got a copy to check it out for you.
At the moment I’m holding it in my hands and can’t wait to finally watch it but I first give the outer packing a look.

At first sight it looks like a simple cover, not that artistic stuff you often see these days, but the covershot of Takeshi Yasutoko doing a huge Viking Flat 540 and the big names under the bright title like Marco De Santi, Shane Yost and the Yasutoko Brothers lead to the suggestion that this DVD must include some really sick vertskating like you’ve probably never seen before.

After a short intro which works great as a first compilation of sick and huge stunts and among the main Characters of the DVD also includes a few cameos of Chris Edwars, Chris Haffey and Fabiola DaSilva, the first main section starts with Marc Englehart. Actually for a beginning section this guy is really sick.
Many flip and Spin variations and even more grab variations make it a pleasure to watch. Within the following sections you’ll be impressed by nice grinding and difficult switch-ups by Thumper Nagasako; Shane Yost blows your mind with technical invert variations and huge tricks over channels and Marco De Santi shows that you can double flip in more than one way and having steeze in a vertramp isn’t impossible at all. Additional Grindwork of Thumper Nagasako and Sven Boekhorst presents you a level of tricks which would be also remembered a long time if seen on a park competition. Finally, a double section of the Yasutoko Brothers gives you the final blow and lets you watch the whole DVD directly again.

With the different character and style of the skaters you got different sections which are interesting to watch and after a few minutes the prejudice "Vertskating  looks all the same” is totally blasted away.
Underlined by a Rock-based Soundtrack it’s a huge blast and I would have really loved to see some calm section in between the hard stuff. Because if representing Vertskating it should also include some chilled session. Maybe on some different music, but that’s my opinion and everybody should decide for his own, I just love to have different types of music in one DVD.
Another point of criticism is the camera work which sometimes isn’t really the best. But, to excuse, all the media is filmed by different guys all around the world, so they probably weren’t total experts at filming. Nevertheless you can still find many nice shots in there and especially the section of Shane Yost is a pleasure to watch due to the nice camera work.

Another surprise, the bonus contains. After you watched through some adds like the first trailers, you will find a sweet section which is called the "DREAM” edit. A bit "over-edited” it is still a nice bonus. You also will be surprised by that comedian dude, you’ve probably seen in one of the mindgame-videos, who is featured in there. As a last part they added a large list of performed tricks, let it be spins, flips, grabs which works well like an instruction to someone who don’t know the correct names of the different tricks in our sport.

All in all, this DVD gives you a great view inside the how the vertscene nowadays looks like. So this DVD should not be missed on your collection even if you are skating vert or not, it’s a big part of our sport and should be respected as such. For more info check where you can buy this great DVD for about 15$ or you can buy it on usual skateshops like Grindhouse for about 25€..

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Clip 4
Clip 4 Video Cover
Clip 4 DVD will be released in autumn 2007. More news shortly ...

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An albernen Details (sorry, meine Meinung) bietet "Hashassins" neben Stürzen und einer Szene im Krankenhaus auch Ninjas (oder ... bestimmt Hashassins!) auf der Straße und "wilde" Tiere auf der Wiese... wenn man's mag, bestimmt ganz witzig.
Davon abgesehen ist die DVD auf jeden Fall sehenswert wegen der heftigen Tricks und Sprünge, außer auf Rails und Curbs zum Beispiel auch mal auf Kinderrutschen, Bobbahnen, Industrieanlagen, Wendeltreppen und dergleichen. Die Scheibe enthält mit einer Gesamtspielzeit von insgesamt über 1 1/2 Stunden (incl. Extras) eine Menge Material aus den USA und ist nicht nur was Optik und Musik angeht vielfältig, sondern zeigt auch viele unterschiedliche Fahrer, u.a. Michael Braud, Julian Bah, Dre Powell, Malik Kamara, Tim Schmidt, Richie Eisler, Tim Taylor, Connor O'Brien, Will Gordon, Walt Austin, Jareed Toon, Chris Majette, Brian Aragon, Josh Hayes, Jeff Stockwell - und viele andere. Hashassins ist 2004 bei Misled Media / SADOKA Distribution erschienen, und für alle die jetzt vor dem Kauf ein paar Bilder sehen wollen: checkt die Gallery! [IS] Video Edits

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