Brandon Davis Interview and Vert Photos
XSK8: Hey Brandon, thanks for taking the time for this conversation. Please let us now where are you from and how old are you?

Brandon Davis: I’m 18 and from Orange Country – California.
XSK8: All right. So today is the AIL at Woodward West. Will you also compete?

Brandon Davis: No, I’m already a Pro. Today's competition at the AIL is for amateur Vert Riders who would like to become pro.

XSK8: So how can you become pro?

Brandon Davis: For example you can compete at AIL and be amongst the top three. I competed at AIL a few years ago.

XSK8: So you were successful! Please tell us what you currently skate.

Brandon Davis: Today I skate Valo with an Able Frame and Devise wheels. Halfpipe I skate with four wheels. This makes you faster.

XSK8: Ok, can I take some pictures of you skating?
After skating the halfpipe at Woodward West for a while, Brandon is coming up the steps.

Brandon Davis: This is the hardest part!

XSK8: What?

Brandon Davis: Coming up these steps.
XSK8: Are you kiddin' me? You doing high airs and all that difficult stuff here in this halfpipe! I could never do any of that and you are telling me that the hardest part is going up the steps?

Brandon Davis: yeah, that’s it!
XSK8: watching you ride this huge ramp makes it look easy, like you are walking or playing a game. So how long have you been skating halfpipe?
Brandon Davis: I've been skating half pipe now for 5 years. I used to skate several times a week the half pipe in our town before it was demolished.

XSK8: Oh no! That’s terrible. So where do you skate half pipe now?

Brandon Davis: Now I have to drive 1 ½ hours to the next Vert skate park.

XSK8: ok, that’s a long drive! One last question. What’s your favourite trick?

Brandon Davis: Oh there are lots of tricks I like. But I think mostly I like flat spins.

XSK8: yeah, I could tell while I was taking the pictures. Unfortunately it is difficult to see in the pictures how fast you spin. Thanks a lot for your time!

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